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Charter Commission Minutes 08/13/2009
Buxton Charter Commission
Meeting Minutes
August 13, 2009
Call to order
Andrew Townsend called to order the regular meeting of the Buxton Charter Commission at 7:35pm on August 13, 2009 in Buxton Town Hall large meeting room.
Roll call
Members Present: Andy Townsend, Dianne Senechal, Jennifer Barschdorf, Daniel Collomy, David Dunn, Brent Havu, Larry Miller, May Schumacher, Judy Sjulander – arrived at 8:18pm
Other Present: Robert Libby
Approval of minutes from last meeting
Charter Commission Meeting Minutes July 21, 2009.  Approved 7-0-2
Open issues
Legal Counsel – The committee decided to seek counsel other than that of the town.  We will be meeting with Paul Frinsko during the August 27, 2009 meeting at 7:30pm.  Another candidate will be decided on before the public hearing on August 18, 2009 at 7pm, we will be meeting with this candidate during the August 27, 2009 meeting at 8pm.
MMA Participation – they will answer any questions we have, but do not have the man power to send a representative to our meetings.
Note Taker – No luck as this time, the committee will reevaluate the need for a note take when school is back in session.
New business
View of each member – areas which each member would like to look into:
  • Larry Miller – Town Manager issue, Selectmen bidding on town jobs, the role of the Budget Committee
  • Dan Collomy – What’s broken that needs to be fixed?  Cost of Town Manager
  • David – Town Manager issue, Finance, personnel director
  • Brent Havu – Would like to find what does/doesn’t work, and go from there
  • May Schumacher– Public input, what is best for Buxton
  • Jennifer Barschdorf – Streamlined government, Public input
  • Dianne Senechal – Plan for the future
  • Judy Sjulander – Plan for the future, Town Meeting elimination, Selectmen vs Council
  • Andy Townsend – What is best for Buxton, look at all the options and see what would work best.
  • Brent – Not sure if town is growing at the rate people think it is.  Town Manager would take responsibilities away from Selectmen, who live in town and make group decisions. Town meeting private voting.
  • Larry – Comprehensive plans – Look for long term – justify the need for change.  5 Selectmen – How can the Board Of Selectmen adequately supervise?  Different opinions.
  • Judy – Charter would dictate duties of Selectmen/ Town Manager
  • Dan – If everything was done right could see the benefit [of a Town Manager]
  • David – Turn over of a Town Manager having to buy out the contract, 5 Selectmen should be able to supervise Town Employees.
  • May – Selectmen supervision – Rec Dept.
  • Larry – Are Towns that went to a Town Manger happy with the decision.  Value vs Cost
  • Judy – Pay for the Selectmen  - answer approx $24,500/year – pay for a Town Manager – answer $80-100K/year
  • Robert Libby stated that no issue that arises needs to be handled instantly, the Selectmen are a phone call away.
  • Andy – disagrees with Bob – can’t get things done quickly
  • It is stated that after tonight unless at public hearing the audience will not be allowed to participate.
Dianne – Hazardous waste day – 3 Selectmen called
Brent – Can more liberty be built into Dept Heads
Larry – Hours Selectmen in Town Hall – Jean Harmon is at Town Hall a lot should not count on that to always be the case
Andy – Council Form
Jennifer – Business Board of Directors.
Other Business
  • Jennifer asked in any objections to putting the meeting agenda on line and e-mailing the minutes.  There were no objections.
  • Public Hearing announcements can we do more next time?
  • Judy – Charter says 5 Selectmen could it be changed to 3

Andrew Townsend adjourned the meeting at 9:10pm.
Minutes submitted by:  Jennifer Barschdorf

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