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Charter Commission Minutes Public Hearing 08/18/2009
Buxton Charter Commission
Meeting Minutes
August 18, 2009
Call to order
Andrew Townsend called to order the Public Hearing hosted by the Buxton Charter Commission at 7:33pm on August 18, 2009 in Buxton Town Hall large meeting room, by a motion 7-0-2
Roll call
Members Present: Andy Townsend, Dianne Senechal, Jennifer Barschdorf, David Dunn, Brent Havu, May Schumacher, Judy Sjulander
Others in attendance: Dennis Santolucito, Robert Elwell, Steve Anthony, Anne Robishaw, Jean Harmon, David Bruce,  
Purpose of Hearing
The Charter Commission would like to hear what the Towns People have to say about the Charter.
  • Dennis Santolucito – asked for an introduction and overview of each member, he also wanted to know if more public hearings would be held, on the subject of a Town Manager he hopes it will be an open process and that more public input will be taken over time.
  • Robert Elwell – Wasn’t Andy the person who started a petition for a Town Manager, and why?
  • Andy - Yes he did, to streamline government.  The Town is a million dollar business being run by good volunteers, would like to see 1 go to person instead of needing 3 out of 5.
  • Robert Elwell – Current Board is the best he had seen – the Department heads are 2nd to none – Town is running good hopes that moving forward with this doesn’t mess things up.
Steve Anthony – Mentioned the forum that aired on public access – Was wondering if the Charter was going to be reviewed paragraph by paragraph or just the government part.
  • Response – the entire Charter is to be reviewed.
  • Steve Anthony – Area to be reviewed Section 6.05 conflict of interest – suggested that a few of the Charter Commission members may be excluded because of this area.  He also wanted to know if any timeline had been established as to when the public may see a rough draft of the  changed Charter.
  • Response - He should not expect anything before November – according to the laws that govern the Charter Commission there are several deadlines which are negotiable starting at 9 months.
  • Steve Anthony – Appreciates the members for serving
  • Anne Robishaw –  wanted to know when things have to be completed
  • Response – the commission is good for 2 years, if nothing is finished by then, the process would need to start again.
  • Anne Robishaw – How can people get in touch with the Board
  • May – E-mail
  • Additional response – through the website
  • Anne Robishaw – If the Selectmen form of government is continued, she would like term limits to be discussed.
  • Jean Harmon – John Myers has a list of the Charter Commission Members with phone numbers.
  • Judy Sjulander – Where did the audience hear about the meeting
  • ????? – The sign in front of the Town Hall.
  • Robert Elwell – How many meetings has the Commission had?
  • Response – 3 meetings
  • David Bruce – The website should have an e-mail link to everyone not individuals.
  • Steve Anthony – Are there other meeting where the public can speak.
  • Response – All meetings are public, however, the public can’t speak at the regular meetings there will be more public hearings in the future.
  • Anne Robishaw – If you don’t have internet access where can you get a copy of the Charter?
  • Response – The Town Clerk
  • Dennis Santolucito – Apathy – lack of involvement with the Town Government.  Town Meetings have low attendance – the answer may not be an expanded government – a lack of participation may not warrant a change of government.

Andrew Townsend adjourned the meeting at 8:05pm, by a motion 7-0-2
Minutes submitted by:  Jennifer Barschdorf

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