Parks and Public Lands Ordinance
Pertaining to municipal parks, fields, grounds and memorials being owned, leased or rented by the municipal within municipal boundaries (hereafter "municipal land") as follows:

 1.   The possession or discharging of firearms, bows and arrows or other weapons on municipal land by persons other than law enforcement officers in the course of their duties or other than persons participating in municipal activities is prohibited.  For purposes of this paragraph, a "municipal activity" is one sponsored by the Town of Buxton or approved by the Board of Selectmen.

2.  Open fires are prohibited on municipal land except in those areas designated by signs.  Where they are allowed, open fires must be confined to stoves or fireplaces furnished for that purpose.

3.   Intentionally molesting, injuring or damaging, or removing anything natural, including trees and soil, anything physical, including signs, fences, monuments or structures, or anything historical, including artifacts, located or discovered on municipal property and without the approval of the Board of Selectmen is prohibited.  Public works projects are deemed to have the express approval of the Board of Selectmen and are not prohibited by this paragraph.

4.  The disposing of trash and refuse anywhere other than in containers provided for the purpose is prohibited.

5.  Pets are allowed in the municipal parks, fields and grounds, but they must be reasonably restrained or controlled so that they do not interfere with the activities or safety of others.  Pets are not allowed on the municipal beaches.

6.  All motorized vehicle, including snowmobiles and motorcycles, and animals which are ridden or driven shall be operated, ridden or driven only on roads, ways or in parking areas on municipal property, or in areas designated for their special use.  The operation of motorized vehicles or the riding or driving of animals on sidewalks or pedestrian ways is prohibited.

7.   Swimming and bathing on municipal property is prohibited except in those areas designated as bathing beaches or swimming areas.

8.  Boating and water skiing within areas set aside for swimming and bathing and marked by buoys or floats is prohibited.

9.  Washing cars or other vehicles or washing laundry on municipal beaches is prohibited.

10.   All municipal parks, lands, grounds or beaches are closed to use between the hours of sunset and sunrise unless posted otherwise.  Activities on municipal property sponsored by the Town or approved by the Board of Selectmen are exceptions to the time limitation set forth in the preceding sentence.

11.  Any violation of the provisions of this ordinance is a civil violation, and shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $25.00 nor more than $250.00, to be recovered under the procedure set forth in the Maine Rules of Court for the use of the municipality.

12.  Should any provision of this Ordinance be declared by the courts to be invalid, the decision shall not invalidate any other provision of this Ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid provision, and to this end the provisions of this Ordinance are severable.


Affirmative Vote, March 15, 1980, Article 60, Open Town Meeting