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Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting Minutes 09/15/2010
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN MEETING                      
September 15, 2010 at 7:34 PM
Present:  Caroline Segalla, Jere Ross, Larry Miller, Cliff Thomas, Penny Booker
           Also attending:  Cyrus McCall

1.  Review of Community Days
Listed below are comments from the interviews at Community Days that we can take to stakeholders in the community:

  • Housing
  • Condos for Seniors
  • More affordable housing
  • Transportation
  • Walking bridge in Salmon Falls area
  • Better communication on town and state maintenance of roads
  • Bike lanes and sidewalks at new developments
  • Recreation
  • Parks (more?)
  • Activities for teens
  • Community Center
  • Historical/Archeological Resources
  • Natural Resources
  • Open land
  • Wetland protection
  • Points of Interest Map
  • Town Center
  • Open Farm Land
2.  Develop Strategic Plan

Plan for communicating with community stakeholders; take questions to:
  • Selectmen
  • Town Departments
  • School
  • Historical Society
Ask stakeholders what they see as problems in the community (if any) and what they consider the community values to be.

Committee members can each pick a group.  Start with Resources and what you want to preserve.  Develop a summary description of the environment by interviewing:
  • Saco River Commission
  • Beginning with Habitat
  • Hunters and Snowmobilers
Discussion on what residents would be willing to pay to preserve resources – higher taxes?  Impact fees?

Discussion on how to approach information gathering; headings assigned as follows:

  • Historical and Archeological – Caroline – Historical Society & SRC
  • Agricultural and Forest – Caroline – vegetable farms, tree farms & growth
  • Water Resources – Jere – lakes, ponds, aquifers, rivers – Planning Board, DEP, Public Works, CEO, Dept. of Conservation
  • Housing – Jere – Avesta, Habitat for Humanity, senior housing-Diane Senechal
  • Recreation – Penny  – outdoor – Rec department, Bicycle Coalition of Maine, Pleasant Point Park Commission, snowmobile clubs, horse groups, Hollis
  • Transportation – Penny – Public Works, DOT, YCCA, bus drivers, work with neighboring towns for grants e.g. Maine Conservation Fund, So. Maine Regional Planning
  • Public Facilities and Services – Larry – town depts., residents, businesses such as Hannaford, Plummers; school, Portland Water District, welfare officer, selectmen, cemeteries, libraries, power and communications, storm water
  • Fiscal Capacity – Larry
  • Critical Natural Resources – Scott – Beginning with Habitat, Hollis & Gorham, So. Maine Regional Planning
No assignments have been made for Population & Demographics, Economy (waiting for statistics from state).  Existing land use plan and future land use plan will be addressed as appropriate.

                We will contact the resource groups for our assigned topics and either have a one-on-one discussion or request that they attend a meeting if appropriate.  We will try to put up maps to use for our discussions and to have maps available when making presentations.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM         Next Meeting is October 13, 2010

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