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Planning Board Minutes 08/08/2005
Planning Board Members Present:  Keith Emery, Sue Schaller, Wanda Emery, Cullen Ryan and Dennis Santolucito.

Planning Board Members Absent:  Chris Baldinelli

Others Present: William Anthony, Andy Morrell of BH2M, May Schumacher, William York, Larry Oliva, Ron Dearborn, Kristi Dearborn, Lindsey Dearborn, Rich Chasson, Julia Colpitts, Sally & Richard Vaughan, James Hulit, John Pompeo, Carolyn O’Brien, Jack Chase and Josh Jewett.

Chairman Keith Emery called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.   

May & Frederick Schumacher have applied for a conditional use permit to operate an in-home daycare at 888 Parker Farm Road; Tax Map 2, Lot 36-14.  
May Schumacher informed the Board of a new map indicating added parking with an additional area if needed, a copy of her state license, water test results, and a copy of her subsurface waste system were submitted.  Dennis felt that the parking issue has been addressed based on discussions at the June 30th site walk.  Keith reminded Mrs. Schumacher of the new requirements of the new solid waste ordinance
·       Sue moved to schedule a public hearing for August 22, 2005, seconded by Wanda, the motion passed with a 5 - 0.  

Stephen Joffee & Julie Colpitts have submitted two sketch plans for a proposed subdivision located off Webster and Church Hill Road, Tax Map 7, Lots 30 & 31.
Andy Morrell of BH2M presented a cluster and conventional plan of Blueberry Ridge Subdivision.  He informed the Board of a 128 acres parcel, proposing to divide into 35 lots, having 18 in Gorham and 17 in Buxton.  The applicant prefers the cluster plan, allowing more open space to protect the bog and other wet areas and to keep the natural visual screening along the road.  The cluster plan has minimum lot areas of 60,000 square feet, 150 feet of frontage and approximately 10.5 acres of open space.   The conventional subdivision has lot sizes of 120,000 square feet, 200 feet of frontage and only 8.01 acres of open space.   All the lots will be served by individual private septic, drilled wells, and overhead utilities.  
Questions from the Board:  Keith was concerned with the sight distance at the intersection of the proposed Blueberry Ridge Road and Church Hill Road.  He also informed the applicant that the Town of Buxton already has a road named Blueberry Lane.  Wanda confirmed that the town line sits on the northerly side of the proposed Blueberry Ridge Road, putting the road completely in Buxton.  
        Applicant Julia Colpitts said the land calculated for development purposes does not include the bog in the open space.  Mr. Morrell confirmed that the wetlands would be delineated using the 1987 Army Corps of Engineers or most current standard.  
Cullen stated his approval of the cluster subdivision, endorsing fewer curb cuts.  Keith felt an agreement dealing with plowing issues between the two Towns Public Works Departments is needed.  Mr. Morrell will obtain letters from both Town’s Public Works Directors.  Notes will be added about the adjacent airstrip and the active gravel pits in the neighborhood.
All existing conditions will be listed on site and the underground utilities will be reviewed.  Dennis questioned whether the open space would be deeded to the homeowners and open to the public, or just for the residents of the subdivision.  Mr. Morrell confirmed that there will be a homeowners association and the land will be for the 35 residents living in the subdivision.  The Board agreed that the proposed cluster subdivision is the better plan.

William York of 482 Webster Road has submitted a preliminary plan for a 5-lot subdivision off Webster Road.  Tax Map 7, Lot 20-4.
Andy Morrell of BH2M presents the plan for a proposed 5-lot subdivision off Webster Road.  Located in the rural zone this includes 40.6 acres.  Three lots along the right-of-way, the a fourth lot with an existing duplex And a cell tower on the land labeled remaining land.  Mark Hampton Assoc. performed the wetlands tests and the test pits.  All lots will be served by drilled wells, individual septic systems, and overhead utilities.  Sue requested a copy of the wetlands delineation and the field reports and that the square footage of the contiguous upland be printed on the plan.  Sue asked whether the applicant has any intentions to cluster.  Mr. York felt it better to have five acres per lot to give each homeowner more privacy.  Keith informed the applicant that a hammerhead is needed at the end of the right-of-way.  Wanda asked for a flood plain map.  The Board is requiring approval of the fire tank by the Fire Chief along with test pits for the site.  Lot #3 will require filling under tier #1.  Mr. York will consider cluster options.  

Robert Metcalf of Longhorn Horse & Pet Supply is requesting a Conditional Use Permit for warehouse storage.  Located at 16 Pierce Drive, Map 6, Lot 32-4.
John Toothaker of Tooth and Associates informed the Board of the proposed expansion project.  The plan is to improve the warehouse storage and the parking area.  They are in the process of having a topography survey completed, detention pond and a meeting with the Fire Chief.  The plan is to improve the access to the site for customers and delivery companies.  Wanda asked if the temporary structures would be removed.  Mr. Toothaker will check before the next meeting.  Sue asked whether a detention pond is necessary and if there is any wetland on the site.  Mr. Toothaker said it is capable of handling a 25-year storm, however no information is available at this time.  Cullen felt that the plan is vague and asked for more references to the plan.    Pavement around the building is not indicated on the plan.  Fred informed the Board that the detention pond is to collect the run-off from the parking lot so it does not go into Duck Pond.  Fred has concerns with keeping the delivery vehicles separate from customer parking.  The display area needs to be screened along outside of building along route 22.  Due to all the outside storage there is no access for emergency vehicles.   The Board would like to view the original plan from the subdivision approval.   

A –Plus Insulation is requesting a Conditional use permit for a 7,600 sq. ft. storage
Warehouse building located on Narragansett Trail, a portion of Tax Map 8, Lot 25.
John Toothaker is proposing a commercial building located in the light commercial district.  The current owner is Kristin Fitz.  Calculations for drainage and erosion control will be under best management practices. A Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) permit is needed for the driveway entrance.  Test pits have been done for the leachfield.  A compaction test will be conducted for the whole lot.  Cullen asked for clarification of the plan for the location of the proposed 2.24-acre lot.  Mr. Toothaker indicated that it is directly across from Dearborn Brothers Construction. Sue asked who the owner of the railroad track is.  By looking at the tax map, Fred determined Kristin Fitz was the owner.  Dennis asked about the amount of employee traffic that will be created.  Mr. Toothaker said the proposed use is safe and adequate and will not cause aggravation or congestion.   Dennis recommended for the applicant to use the Dearborn property as a model for landscaping ideas.  Sue asked what size trucks and if there is another access point to the building other than the bay doors.  She would also like the applicant to review the parking area again.  Lighting will be in compliance with the lighting ordinance.  The septic field is located on the lot line, Sue suggests considering some type of buffer.  Sue would like the square footage designated of the contiguous upland area vs. the wetland area listed on the plan.  Wanda concerned with the number of entrances being created in sited Section 10.7.E there should be limited entrances along route 202.

CEO Report:  none

Approval of Minutes:  
·       Cullen motioned to approve the minutes of June 27, 2005 as amended this evening.  Seconded by Sue, the motion passed with a 5 – 0 vote.  

Approval of Bills:  
·       Sue moved to pay Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission $200.00 to cover peer review fees for Bar Mill Community Church.  Seconded by Cullen, the motion passed with a 5 – 0 vote.

·       The Maine Land Use Planning Summit
·       United States Environmental Protection Workshop
·       CEI workshop for stormwater
·       How We Can Improve Maine’s Growth Permit Act.
·       SRCC intent to file.
·       Maine Townsman – June & July issues.
Other Business:  
·       Bar Mills Community Church review and sign findings:  Check with attorney
·       Henderson Heights sign Conditional Agreement Performance Guarantee: The Board would like a new form drawn up and resubmit for signatures.

·       Motioned by Sue, seconded by Wanda to adjourn at 8:55 p.m., a unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,
Krystal L. Dyer                         Approval Date:                                  

Chairperson: ________________________________ Signature Date: ____________
                                               Keith Emery     

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