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Planning Board Minutes 10/10/2005
Planning Board Members Present:  Keith Emery, Chris Baldinelli, Sue Schaller, Cullen Ryan, Wanda Emery and Barbara Elwell.

Planning Board Members Absent:  Dennis Santolucito

Others Present: Bill Anthony, Bill York, Nichole & Scott Tracy

Chairman Keith Emery called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.   
Keith Welcomes Barbara Elwell to Board

William York of 482 Webster Road has submitted a plan for a 5-lot subdivision off Webster Road.  Tax Map 7, Lot 20-4.  Bill York updates the Board with the requested changes from the September 26th meeting and the September 18th site walk.  Mr. York submitted the following:  added frontages to each lot, along with the total length of the roadway to be paved and note #18 stating “all construction complies with Flood elevation requirements of Article 14.6 of the Buxton Ordinance”.   All the fire pond data has been added to page 2 of the plans.  
Questions from the Board:  Keith states the Town attorney submitted a response to the Board questions on most distant terminus and Right, Title and Interest.   The distance to be paved on the length of the road is the only item left.   
·       Wanda motioned to schedule a public hearing on the York application for October24th.  Seconded by Chris, the motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.  

Nichole & Scott Tracy have submitted an application for a conditional use permit to operate a Yoga & Wellness Center at their home located at 332 Chicopee Road; Tax Map 2, Lot 18.  A site walk was held on October 8th.  Keith informed the applicants that the fire code stated at the site walk was incorrect and they do not need 5/8th sheetrock but suggests to check with Code Enforcement Officer during the permitting process.  Sue said the paving of the parking lot, can be waived according to 10.7B.  Modify section 10.7F to say they are mature trees and the adjacent properties are fully screened.  Sue made corrections to 10.9, 10.10A & B and 10.11A.    Cullen suggests solar lighting along the driveway.                  

·       Chris motioned to schedule a public hearing, November 14th at 8 a.m.  Seconded by Wanda, the motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.  

Richard & Mitzi Kuniegel are requesting a conditional Use permit to raise alpacas at 49 Woodman Road; Tax Map 10, Lot 84A.  Richard Kuniegel stated he would like to create a pasture area for alpacas for a pleasing and relaxing environment.  Would also teach local residents about the animal.  Would like to have a maximum of 6.  Will submit a new sketch, to show that trees have been cut.  They are used for their fleece and not for eating.  They are a very gentle and docile animal.  
Questions from the Board:  Sue asked what annual shots are required.  Mr. Kuniegel responded that they will get regular shots including rabies.  Sue requests proof of annual rabies shots submitted.  Another concern is for runoff not to carry the manure into a wetland area.  Keith requested to answer the questions in section 8.2.B that are marked n/a and re-submit.   

·       Wanda motioned to schedule a site walk for Saturday, October 21st at 9 a.m.  Seconded by Chris, the motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.  

CEO Report:  Code Enforcement officer, Fred Farnham is not in attendance

Approval of Minutes:  September 26, 2005 – Cullen moved to accept the minutes as amended. Seconded by Chris, the motion passed with a 4 – 0 vote.  Sue and Barbara abstained

Approval of Bills:  Wanda motioned to approve the payment of $18.70 to Portland Press Herald.  Seconded by Sue the motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

        Would like Fred to check the light on the outside of The Donut Hole.

Other Business:  
Reminder of the workshop scheduled for October 17th.

·       Motioned by Chris, seconded by Wanda to adjourn at 8:10p.m. a unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,
Krystal L. Dyer                         Approval Date:                                  

Chairperson: ________________________________ Signature Date: ____________
                                               Keith Emery     

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