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Planning Board Minutes 03/12/07
Town of Buxton Planning Board
Meeting Minutes of March 12, 2007

Planning Board Members Present: Keith Emery, Cullen Ryan, Wanda Emery Jeremiah Ross, David Anderson and Barbara Elwell.

Planning Board Members Absent:  Dennis Santolucito

Others Present: Ed Brackett, John Toothaker, Josh Jewett, Kelly Boden, Justin Dearborn, David Voley, Marie & Tim Clements, Larry Grondin and Fred Farnham.

Chairman Keith Emery called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Timothy & Marie Clements of 29 Hall Road are requesting a conditional use permit to house up to 6 goats at Tax Map 1A, Lots 59, 61 and 62.
·       Motioned by Wanda, seconded by Jere to open the public hearing.  The motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.
Mrs. Clements gave an overview of the proposal to house up to 6 goats (2 adult females and 2 kids each).  The site walk was conducted on Saturday, February 17.  
Wanda said they have met all setbacks, was well planned out, and had no issues.   
Abutter:  Ed Brackett abutter located on lot 62 did not have any problems with the expansion.
Conditions of approval:
1.      All elements and features of the plan and all representations made by the applicant concerning the development and use of the property which appear in the record of the Planning Board proceedings, are condition of approval.  No changes from the condition of approval is permitted unless an amended plan is first submitted to and approved by the Planning Board.
2.      That the applicant be in compliance with all applicable provisions of Article 8.2.B and 10.
3.      That the applicant be in compliance with all applicable provisions of Section 11.
4.      All outstanding bills paid before building permit is issued.
5.      House no more than six (6) goats.

·       Motioned by Wanda, seconded by Cullen to find the application in compliance with 8.2.B, 10 and Section 11.  The motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

·       Motioned by Wanda, seconded by Cullen to approve the application with conditions stated tonight and at prior meetings.  The motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

·       Motioned by Jere, seconded by Wanda to close the public hearing.  The motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

Justin & Kelly Dearborn are requesting a conditional use permit for a general maintenance facility at the existing gravel pit located off Church Hill Road; Tax Map 7, Lot 12.
Justin Dearborn has acquired an existing gravel pit off Church Hill Road located in the Village District.  He is applying for a conditional use permit for a maintenance storage facility.  The plan includes a 30 x 30 office space with an apartment above accessed by the existing 30-foot road off Church Hill Road.   Wanda requested more detail of the garage activities, such as a letter indicating how the waste oils will be disposed of, a copy of the underlying soils data and stake out the corners of the proposed building.  Fred asked for more information on the 500-gallon fuel storage tank.
·       Motioned by Jere, seconded by Wanda to schedule a site walk for Thursday, March 15th at 6:30 p.m.  The motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

Josh Jewett & Jennifer Granillo who are proposing to amend Butternut Hill Estates by creating a buildable lot in the residual land; Tax Map 3, Lot 45.
Josh Jewett updated the Board with the additional information submitted.  The boundary survey indicated the flood plane elevation was tied into the wetland elevation to number 271 and a complete survey showing 1.53 acres of upland area.  DEP is still reviewing.  Wanda said the letter from the public works director would not change her position with the driveway, the ordinance states “no driveways off the end of a hammerhead”.   The plans are not stamped or signed.  Wanda requested that the independent wetlands and flood plane delineation be reviewed. Keith, Jere and Cullen are in agreement.  Mr. Jewett will submit names of peer review tomorrow.  

Portland Cellular Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless is requesting a conditional use permit located for a Wireless Telecommunications Facility on Portland Road; Tax Map 9, Lot 10.
Kelly Boden and David Volez, project managers of Verizon Wireless, presented the plan for the proposed replacement tower.  New signed plans were presented at the meeting but will be distributed in the next meeting packets.  The proposal is to replace the existing tower behind the Municipal building, relocate the existing antennas, and add their own antennas on the new tower.  There would be a lease agreement set up with the town.   Similar projects were completed in Saco and Waterville.    Mr. Volez explained the need for the new tower along the Route 202 area.    David asked if a visual impact study had been done or any buffer/landscape plan.  Superimposed photos could be submitted.   The tower would be constructed for a wind load of 90 mile an hour with 6-inch ice.   Keith said according to the ordinance a cell tower is not allowed in the Residential Zone and the proposed location is within a mile of an existing cell tower on Deering Road.   Mr. Voley will submit further information.   The lease with the Town would be for 25 years.  Wanda would like to see documentation indicating they cannot tie into existing towers for coverage, noting that there are existing towers in Hollis and on Deering Road with available space that would complete the coverage needed.  Wanda felt that this building is a commercial business not a public facility.  The main purpose of the tower is to create service for Verizon customers and create revenue their business.   The Board is receptive to changing the ordinance.  

·       Motioned by Wanda, seconded by David that the application falls under a wireless telecommunications facilities, the motion passed with a 6 - 0 vote.

CEO Report:  none

Approval of Minutes:  
February 5, 2007
·       Motioned by Jere, seconded by David to approve the minutes at written.  The motion passed with a 4 – 0 – 2 vote, with Barbara and Cullen abstaining.
February 12, 2007
·       Motioned by Cullen, seconded by Jere to approve as amended, the motion passed with a 5 –  0 - 1 vote, with Barbara abstaining.
February 26, 2007
·       Motioned by Wanda, seconded by Jere to approve the minutes at written.  The motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

·       Jere motioned to amend the agenda to allow Larry Grondin to speak, seconded by Cullen the motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.  
Mr. Grondin questioned the final procedures.

Approval of Bills: David moved to pay Portland Press Herald $19.55 for the R. J. Grondin legal ads, seconded by Jere, the motion passed with a 6 – 0 vote.

Keith met with the Town of Gorham’s Planning Board On April 9th, 2007 at 7:30 pm.
Maine Townsman – February 2007
Plat and Subdivision Law in Maine – workshop May 24, 2007
Annual Town Meeting Dates
Subdivision Review Workshop – March 22, 2007 – Jere, Barbara, Keith and Wanda will attend.

Other Business:  
·       Update on ordinance changes – The Board discussed the proposed changes.         

·       Wanda moved, seconded by Jere to adjourn at 9:10 pm a unanimous vote.

Respectfully submitted,
Krystal L. Dyer                         Approval Date:                          

Chairperson: ________________________________ Signature Date: ____________
                                Keith Emery    

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