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Planning Board Minutes 11/23/2009
Town of Buxton Planning Board
        Minutes for November 23, 2009 at 7 pm

Recorded by Krystal Dyer

Board Members Present:  Harry Kavouksorian, David Savage, Sr., Jeremiah Ross, III, Keith Emery, Caroline Segalla, and David Anderson.

Board Members Absent:  James Logan

Others Present:  None

Chairman Harry Kavouksorian called the meeting of the Buxton Planning Board to order at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of allegiance

Ordinance revisions:
9.4.C.  - The Board discussed the information from the attorney regarding the setback within another setback area.    It would be an overlay within another overlay and the first 75-foot portion would apply over the other one.   Jim clarified by adding the first 75-feet would not only be stream protection, but also the shoreland limited residential district, having two overlays.  The more limiting of the two the previsions will prevail, making it common to have two overlay zones.   The shoreland limited residential district overlay zone will be the remaining 225 feet in addition to the 75 feet, to equal the required 300-foot setback.  This only applies to the specifically mentioned brook’s listed in Section 9.4 – Bonny Eagle Pond, Little River, Duck Pond, Stroudwater River, The Bog, McKinney, Saco River, Stackpole Creek and Deering Brook.    Caroline suggests creating a quick reference table for the ordinance, making it is easier to understand.  Caroline will revise and present to the Board at the next meeting.  Harry agrees the additional clarification for the applicant would be helpful.  The Board also agreed.   There was some discussion to add note in ordinance to make the applicant aware, they need to go through the Saco River Corridor Commission also.  

  • Caroline is willing to get examples before the next meeting.  Procedure and fees can be filled in by the Code office and Selectmen and be incorporated in with the shoreland zone changes, if specifically involved.  
The Board members will start making lists of changes to work on at upcoming meetings:  
  • Jim would like to require the applicant to submit a high intensity survey.  
  • conventional plan submitted with any cluster subdivision application.  
  • State soils science guideline changes from class A to class B – insert with shoreland?  
Caroline updated the Board on the progress of the Comp Plan – eventually the committee would like the Planning Board to attend a meeting.  The next meeting will be December 9th at 6:15.  The Committee will be receiving updated demo information from the State in April.  The Committee is currently reviewing items that were highlighted by the Maine State Planning Office and basically starting from scratch.  The Committee may send out a new survey, they are still in the beginning stages.

CEO Report:  none

Approval of Minutes:  

Bills: There were no bills, but David Anderson updated the Board with the budget changes since the special town meeting on November 18 reporting that all is corrected on the Planning Board budget.

List of peer reviewers – rotate retainer list – traffic engineering, specific issues.  Would eliminate the idea that they work for the town and more equal opportunity.  More common in smaller towns.   

SMRPC is great with the ordinance, but some of these projects require more engineering

Adjourn: David Savage, seconded by Caroline to adjourn at 7:33 p.m.    A unanimous vote.
Approval Date:  __________________

_________________________________                  _______________
    Harry Kavouksori an,  C hairman            Signature Date

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