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Planning Board Minutes 04/09/2012
Town of Buxton Planning Board
               Minutes of       
                                          April 9, 2012

Recorded by Krystal Dyer

Board members in attendance: Harry Kavouksorian, John Vedral, David Savage, Jeremiah Ross, Lawrence Curtis.
Board Members not in attendance: James Logan and Sue Schaller

Others in attendance:    Shawn Frank, John Caramihalis, Henry Huntley, Cliff Thomas     
Call to Order:  Open the meeting at 7:00

Pledge of allegiance:

Patterson Companies, LLC is requesting a conditional use permit for Auto Parts Retail & Warehouse Facility at 780 Narragansett Trail.  The property is located in the Light Commercial District on Tax Map 8, Lot 41-1.
Shawn Frank of Sebago Technics, is representing Patterson Companies, LLC. Mr. Frank’s presentation began with the former Gorham Tractor & Equiptment site on the corner of Routes 22 and 202 approved by Planning Board back in 2000.  The lot has an existing 4000 sq. ft. building with two access drives.   There is a large paved area previously used for equipment display.  The existing areas in the front will be graded and reseeded.  The proposal is to add a 2000 sq.ft. addition to the westerly side of the building.  The lot is already paved so they will not be adding any new impervious area to the  site.  They will be utilizing the existing well and septic, which  is approved for 10 employees.  They anticipate six employees but can live with the limitation on ten.  They will regrind existing pavement and go back in with an overcoat once the addition is complete.  They will stripe the parking spaces in accordance with Section 10.7.  A 6000 sq. ft. building for Napa generally has 2000 sq. Ft. for a sales area and customers, leaving 4000 sq. ft for the warehouse storage area.  They’re proposing a new dumpster that will be fully enclosed with a  stockade fence.  The front will have a lawn area.    This is a prime spot, and Shawn said they are very excited.  They are also developing another Store in Waterboro near the Hannaford complex.

Questions from the Board:  John V. - is very familiar with the property and feels everything is clear.  David confirms the number of employees is six.  Mr. Frank said yes, six to begin with and up to 10 total.  Usually, there are two employees working the counter and four working the warehouse or out on the road making deliveries.  There will be no public restrooms, it will be for employees only.  
Jere - Would you be willing to limit the employees to ten.  Mr. Frank said they would either limit the employees to 10 or come back and work with Fred on upgrading to the septic system?  

John Caramihalis of Patterson Companies, LLC asks if the ten employees are considered “full time” employees?  Harry defines it as the maximum number of employees in the store at one time.
Harry asked if there is any outdoor storage of any kind.  No, Napa has a large facility in Westbrook, from which the supplies will be trucked.  There will be no auto service work at this site.  They will have two service vehicles parked in the lot overnight.  
Larry asked what the setback distance is from the southwest corner of the building to the road right-of-way.  The property has two frontages requiring a 40-foot setback on each. The plan indicates 42 and 43-foot setbacks making it outside the 40-foot setback.    This location is a replacement for the existing Napa store at Plummer’s Plaza in Buxton.  Their lease runs out in September.

Jere said Section 8.2.B.5  states “no hazardous materials will be allowed on site”, are motor oil, gas additives, antifreeze considered hazardous material?  Mr. Frank stated it is his understanding that as long as they are within the manufactures containers they are not considered hazardous.  Napa does not store open 50-gallon drums of hazardous liquids.  The only hazardous item kept on site, would be the core for the returned batteries. Napa has strict standards and procedures for storing and handling these batteries.  Mr. Frank will submit a copy of Napa’s standards along with a plan indicating the location where the batteries will be stored in the building.  Mr. Frank added that Patterson Company, LLC is purchasing the building and leasing to Genuine Auto Parts Corp.  (Napa).   

Larry assumes the entrance to the store is on the east side or narrower side.  Yes, the applicant will re-utilize the middle door as it is.   Jere asked if the building has to be sprinkled.  Mr. Frank said it is not sprinkled now, and they are not proposing to sprinkle it.  Harry asked about the landscaping.  Mr. Frank said they will remove the straggly stuff in front of the building.  John V. questioned the stockade fencing, and asked if they intend to straighten it.  They do plan to straighten out what is there and replacing what has fallen down.  The above ground propane tank will be re-utilized.  Will the ramp be removed.  They thought it was just a pile of gravel.  Harry asks the Board if this should be sent for peer review.  The board is in agreement, that a peer review will not be necessary.  

  • Motioned by Jere, seconded by Larry to schedule a site walk for The Patterson Company, LLC, who are requesting an Auto Parts Retail & Warehouse Facility at 780 Narragansett Trail, located in the Light Commercial District on Tax Map 8, Lot 41-1, for Thursday, April 12th at 6 pm.  The vote was unanimous.  
There was further discussion of Planning Board procedures and time lines. They have a deadline of May 25th, 2012.

CEO Report:  none

Approval of Minutes:
March 26, 2012  – Motion made by David to accept the March 26, 2012 minutes as amended, seconded by Larry, the motion passed with a 4 – 0 –1, with John abstaining.

Approval of Bills:   No bills at this time.

Communications: None
Other Business:
Review and finalize proposed ordinance amendments:  

  • Jere motioned to the have zoning ordinance amendments public hearing on May 14th at 7 pm, seconded by Larry. The motion passed with a 4 – 0 – 1, Harry abstains.
David Savage motioned to adjourn at 7:37p.m., seconded by Larry Curtis, the vote was unanimous.

Approval Date:          04/23/12                        

_________________________________           _______________
               Harry Kavouksorian, Chairman                    Signature Date

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