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Planning Board Minutes 02/25/2013
Town of Buxton Planning Board
Monday, February 25, 2013 at 7 pm
             All meetings are held at the Buxton Municipal Building located at
                  185 Portland Road, Buxton, Maine 04093

Recorded by Krystal Dyer

Members in attendance: Keith Emery, David Savage, Christopher Carroll, John Vedral, Nichols Murray and Lawrence Curtis.

Members not in attendance: none

Others in attendance:  Henry Huntley and Cliff Thomas

Call to Order:  Keith opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance

Determine if the Board is able to conduct a Site walk for Daniel & Roberta Aceto who are requesting an expansion of their Conditional Use permit for a warehouse & outdoor storage facility.   Aceto Construction is located at 1027 Narragansett Trail on Tax Map 8, 20A-35.
John began  with an update from the last meeting where the application was presented and due to recent snow storms the Board was not able to hold a site walk.  John added that the site walk is not holding up the progress of the application.  They are continuing with amending the DEP permit.  David said he would not be able to walk out there right now.  Larry would be in favor of holding off another couple of weeks.  Keith agrees, should postpone until the first of April.  After further discussion the Board agreed to keep the Aceto's site walk on each upcoming agendas until they are able to set a date.

CEO Report:  none

Approval of Minutes:
February 11, 2013
"       Motioned by David, seconded by Larry to approve the minutes for Monday, February 11, 2013 as amended.   The motion passed with a 5 - 0 vote and one abstention from Keith.

Approval of Bills:
Release of funds for Fogg Brook letter of credit - $10,000.00 for the fire suppression holding tank.  The first page is a memo to Fred Farnham from Fire Chief Schools.  Larry was confused and questions the statement from Chief Schools referring to the tank not needing to be filled to meet the ten thousand gallon requirement.  There is another document that states five thousand gallons. David said there are two, Five thousand gallon tanks with five thousand gallons per each tank.  Krystal explained the Fire Chief was concerned with the tank not being filled to the top.  Fred contacted the manufacturer of the tank and was informed they are not required to be filled to the top in order to have the 5,000 gallons.  The Fire Chief was satisfied with the explanation and said when they do their annual inspection, they will top them off with additional water.  David said referencing the diagram, even if one of the tanks was down a foot, it would still have an adequate water supply.  

"       Motion by Larry to release the funds for Fogg Brooks' letter of credit in the amount $10,000 for the fire Suppression holding tank.  Seconded by David;    
Discussion: Christopher asked if it has been 30 days as the letter states.  Fred's note is not dated, but the fax was received on January 21st and all other correspondence took place after that.  The Board is satisfied.
"       The motion passed with a 6 - 0 vote.

~March 11th at 7pm SMRPC will be here to discuss shoreland zoning maps.  
~Building codes - have changed so the Building Code ordinance has to be updated and voted on.
~MMA Workshop for BOA/PB - May 22, 2013 in Windham
~Maine Townsman - December, January and February editions.

Other Business:
~ Review findings of facts for Skillings.  
"       David motioned to accept the findings for Michael Skilling Auto Repair Garage, Tax Map 1, Lot 194-10 as amended, seconded by Larry, the motion passed with a 6 - 0 vote.

~ 2013 Ordinance amendments
John said discussed amending the public notice requirements - currently our ordinance requires us to post in the news paper, however state law has changed, making this unnecessary.  It states "A notice can be given in a manner reasonably calculated to notify the general public in the jurisdiction served. " Which means it does not need to be a newspaper, it could be the Town's website.  Everyone has access to a computer either at home or at the free library.  The cost would be less for the applicant, not having to pay for the ads.  John suggests adding, "A notification will be in compliance with state law" in Article 7.2.   He also suggests, "Notifications shall be given at a time and method current with state statues."

Larry informed the Board he is meeting with the Budget Committee on Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm and invited the other members to attend.

Attendees may address the Board on the evening's business: None

"       David motioned to adjourn, seconded by John 7:25 p.m. Unanimous vote in favor.

Approval Date:   ___________

________________________                                ________________
        Keith Emery, Chair                                              Signature Date

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