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Town Seal
Board of Selectmen Minutes 12/15/2010
Town of Buxton
Minutes for December 15, 2010 Selectmen’s Meeting

Prepared by:  Beverly Gammon

Members Present:  Peter E. W. Burns, Clifford L. Emery, Dianne M. Senechal.  Jean C. Harmon and Robert C. Libby were absent.

Others Present:  Steve Anthony, Sharon Newell.

Selectmen’s Meeting Agenda
  • Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.  

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes
Selectmen Meeting Minutes December 8, 2010.
Approved 3-0-2.  Selectmen Jean C. Harmon and Robert C. Libby were absent.

  • Discussion held between 5:00 & 7:00 p.m.
At 5:00 Chief Grovo met with the Board met to discuss the hiring of a new Police Officer who will be graduating from the Police Academy Friday, December 18, 2010.  They also discussed the Animal Control position.  The Board will have a couple of Executive Orders on this next week.

The Selectmen briefly discussed the results of the Recount Hearing on Charter Revision.  The results are posted on the Town web site.  They talked about furnace cleanings at Chicopee and the EMA building.  Chet Ouellette is calling Pit Stop to get a schedule for the rest of the Town buildings.

  • Review of Correspondence
  • Press Release from John Myers, Town Clerk – Re:  Recount Hearing, Charter Revisions.
  • Email from Maine Public Health – Re: Norovirus Gastroenteritis in Maine.
  • Email from Maine Commission for Community Service – Re:  The Governor’s Awards for Service and Volunteerism.
  • Review of Projects and Issues
Selectman Emery said he has been handling mail and checked in on the Toy Box.

Selectman Senechal said on Monday she and four Department Heads attended a Personnel Workshop in Augusta. On Tuesday she attended the re-count on the Charter Question.  

Selectman Senechal said the new Police Cruiser is being lettered.  The cruiser was purchased with drug forfeiture money. She also reported that she has been working with Chet so they can get the energy efficiency work done.

  • Old Business

  • New Business
  • Executive Orders
E.O.101112021– An order to approve 8 hours Vacation Time to be in the form of pay for Ed Hutchinson.  Approved 3-0-2.

E.O.101112022– An order to approve 8 Hours Personal Leave for Beverly Gammon.  Approved 3-0-2.

E.O.101112023 – An order to approve 8 hours Vacation time and 16 hours Comp time for David Pinkham.  Approved 3-0-2.

  • Executive Orders by Initiative

  • Accounts Payable and Payroll Warrants
E.O.101112019– An order approving expenditures as documented in Accounts Payable Warrant #24-11.  Approved 3-0-2.

E.O.101112020– An order approving expenditures as documented in Payroll Warrant
#24-11.  Approved 3-0-2.

  • Next Meeting of the Board
Selectmen’s Meeting Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting will be in the large meeting room.
  • Other Business

  • Public Comments and Questions
Sharon Newell presented a donation to the “Keep The Heat On” program.  Eagle Industries donated $345.; the Dorcas Society gave $200; and the Buxton Garden Club donated $535. from the Christmas Tree Festival, Luncheon, and donations for a total of $1,080.  
The Selectmen thanked them for the donations.

  • Executive Session  

  • Adjournment
Motion made and seconded to adjourn the Meeting at 7:25p.m.  Approved 5-0.

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