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Board of Selectmen Minutes 03/13/2013
Town of Buxton
Minutes for March 13, 2013 Selectmen’s Meeting

Prepared by:  Beverly Gammon

Members Present:  Dianne M. Senechal, Clifford L. Emery, Jean C. Harmon, Penny J. Booker.
Robert C. Libby was absent.

Others Present:  Michael Grovo, David Harmon

Meeting Agenda

  • Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM.

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes
Selectmen Meeting Minutes March 6, 2013.  Approved 4-1.
Minutes of Special Meeting for March 13, 2013.  Approved 4-1.

  • Discussion held between 5:00 & 7:00 p.m.
A resident came in to present the Board with a gift for the Town.  Mr. Robert Yarumian  gave the Town a large surveyed map of the Town of Buxton with all of the monuments noted on it.  The Selectmen are going to have it framed and hung in the front lobby.

Chief Grovo came in and talked with the Selectmen about his budget and the cost of calls at Sebago Alliance.

After that the Selectmen read resumes and discussed budgets.

  • Review of Correspondence
  • Weekly Legislative Bulletin from Maine Municipal Association.
  • Email from Dave Francoeur, Deputy EMA Director for York County – Re:  Gov. Paul LePage’s request for major disaster declaration for storm NEMO.

  • Review of Projects and Issues
Selectman Harmon met with the Public Works Director at the Hanson School to pick up the furniture the Board picked out the prior week.  They were able to safely get the glass tables to the Town Office.  However, one of the issues with the display cases is that we do not have keys to the locks.  She called a locksmith who is checking with his vendors to see if they can secure a similar type lock.  If that is not the case, we will have to find a lock to fit the small framing around the glass.  It is not as much about theft as the bigger concern which is trying to prevent injury if someone tries to lift the heavy glass tops.

Selectman Harmon received a call last Friday from a resident asking if the Town is going to start taxing people for cows and tractors.  She assured him that is not going to happen and it has not even been discussed.

Selectman Harmon reported that she has been working on budgets, attending Budget Committee meetings, working with Bob Gingras on a couple of assessing issues today and dealing with a couple of things to clean up that people had questions on that had not been answered yet.  Selectman Harmon was also here for a meeting this morning with the Board and with the Town’s auditor.

Selectman Emery has been in to look at resumes.  He reported that he set today aside to attend the Board’s Executive Session this morning and their meeting with the Town’s auditor.  The Board went over a lot of issues with the auditor which took up the whole forenoon.  When that meeting was finished he went back to reviewing resumes.  He said he has been trying to get through them so they can get the interview process going for the Public Works position.

Selectman Booker was in briefly Friday and Monday and in the last two days for several meetings.  She said the last couple of days have been very busy and quite a lot of time has been spent going through job applications.  She also mentioned listening in on Selectman Harmon’s conversation with the assessor so she can learn more about that.

Selectman Senechal said this is a busy time of year.  The Board is in the process of finalizing the budget.  They have the EMA budget to do next week and then they will be ready to pull the numbers together.

There was some discussion among the Selectmen about the need to schedule a workshop and whether or not they are at a point where they have enough information to do that.  The Selectmen decided to meet for a Workshop on Monday night, March 18.  They will go over their budget and make sure they are all on the same page with Capital items and other things.  

Selectman Senechal said that the Police Chief was in yesterday and the Board went over the Police, Dispatch and Animal Control budget.  They also met with John Myers and went through his budget.

  • Old Business
The Personnel Policy is out with the Town’s attorney and the Selectmen hope to have it back within the next month.

  • New Business

  • Executive Orders
E.O. 121303008 – An order to approve an Application for Veteran Exemption for
[Map10, Lot 139A].  Approved 4-1.

  • Executive Orders by Initiative

  • Accounts Payable and Payroll Warrants
E.O. 121303006 – An order approving expenditures as documented in Accounts Payable Warrant #80.  Approved 4-1.

There was some discussion among the Selectmen about another Executive Order but they agreed the vote was taken at the meeting this morning so there was no need to do an order.

E.O. 121303007 – An order approving expenditures as documented in Payroll Warrant #79.
Approved 4-1.

  • Next Meeting of the Board
Twelve Town Group Meeting Monday, March 18, 2013, at 6:30 PM in the Waterboro Town Hall.

Budget Committee Meeting Tuesday, March 19, 2013, at 6:00 PM.
Board of Selectmen Meeting Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at 7:00 PM.
Board of Selectmen will meet for a Workshop Monday, March 18, 2013, at 6:00 PM.
Comprehensive Plan Meeting Tentatively on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, at 6:30 P.M.

  • Other Business
Selectman Senechal announced that Nomination Papers will be available March 18th from the Town Clerk’s Office for the following positions:
  • Two – Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of the Poor for 3 years
  • One – Director, Maine School Administrative District No. 6 for 3 years
  • Three – Planning Board Members for 3 years
  • One – Planning Board Member for 1 year
  • Three – Budget Committee Members for 3 years
  • One – Budget Committee Member for 1 year
All candidate nomination papers must be filed in the Town Clerk’s Office by 4:30 PM, Monday, April 29, 2013.

There will be a Buxton Town Hall Blood Drive Monday, March 18, 2013, 1:00 ~ 6:00 PM.  Please come donate blood and receive a coupon for a free lunch pack at Cumberland Farms and a coupon for $5 off your next purchase at Freihofer’s Bakery Outlet.

  • Public Comments and Questions
Chief Grovo reviewed statistics for 371 calls that were responded to during the period March 3 through March 9.  He talked about some of the m ore serious calls and the areas where they occurred.  

The Chief reminded us about some information he gave about two weeks ago regarding some people who were going around and taking advantage of  elderly or single females.  

There was another occurrence just the other day.  The victim is a 77 year old female who lives alone.  Chief Grovo read portions of a letter she wrote explaining the incident where two men between the ages of 35 and 40 pulled into her driveway in a white pickup truck and proceeded to confuse and intimidate her into letting them do some work on her roof.  They were very aggressive.  She was frightened and afraid and finally called 9-1-1.  Officer Brislin responded and has the names of the subjects and a description of the vehicle.  This lady did not realize at first that this was a scam.

Chief Grovo said “do not let people you do not know into your house; call the Police Department”.  He explained that these people work with different strategies.  They could try to get you to let them clean up fallen trees or patch driveways or fix other problems.  The Police want to deal with these people and are asking people to call them.  

Chief Grovo thanked the lady who sent the letter.  He said this is going to get worse because of the economy and he asked anyone who has questions or concerns to please call.

  • Executive Session

  • Adjournment
Motion made and seconded to adjourn the Meeting at 7:32 PM.  Approved 4-1.

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