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Board of Selectmen Minutes 05/08/2013
Town of Buxton
Minutes for May 8, 2013, 2013 Selectmen’s Meeting

Prepared by:  Beverly Gammon

Members Present:  Dianne M. Senechal, Clifford L. Emery, Jean C. Harmon, Penny J. Booker
Robert C. Libby was absent.

Others Present:  Michael Grovo

     Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes

  • Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM

  • Pledge of Allegiance

  • Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes
Selectmen Meeting Minutes for May 1, 2013.  Approved 4-0-1

  • Discussion held between 5:00 & 7:00 p.m.
Members of the Comprehensive Plan Committee were scheduled but they cancelled.

Greg Heffernan came in to introduce the Selectmen to two candidates for part-time employees.

Chief Grovo came in and talked with the Board about the re-build on Route 112 and an issue that is taking place.  He also talked about the Stackpole Bridge that is closed, and they talked about street lights.

Peter Burns came in and had a brief discussion with the Board about the Saco River Cable Franchise Agreement.

Representative Don Marean talked with the Selectmen about the proposed Bill, LD 1496, An Act to Modernize and Simplify the Tax Code.  They had a very energetic discussion.

  • Review of Correspondence
  • Weekly Legislative Bulletin from Maine Municipal Association
Selectman Senechal explained that the Board received a lot of other mail but it was internal things that they are handling.

  • Review of Projects and Issues
Selectman Harmon reported she and Selectman Booker talked briefly with the auditor when he was in yesterday.  She said he would like to propose some year- end procedure changes that would close out our year faster than what the Board has typically allowed; also some account receivables and possible write offs, and they had some adjustments to make to some accounts.  She and Selectman Booker talked about that today and what those might be.  

Also, Selectman Harmon has been handling mail and gearing up for the Annual Town Meeting.

Selectman Emery met with a man today who owns property by the old Jack Memorial School where Limington Road and Route 112 come together at the “V” where there is a little crossroad.  The Board does not know when that crossroad was put in but it is on that man’s land.  Selectman Emery said it has to be looked into because someone wants to buy this man’s house and the town needs that crossroad.  With the Board’s permission Selectman Emery is going to talk with a surveyor to see if he can take a look at it survey out that point to see what fraction of an acre it is.  He said there will have to be some kind of monetary exchange for the piece of land, and it will cost the Town a bit to get it surveyed.  He does not know if the Board can purchase it without having a Special Town Meeting but if they can get it deeded out before the man sells his home it will be something between the Town and him.  Selectman Emery has been looking at Town Reports from the 60s and 70s to see if the man’s grandmother had given the town access but he said there is nothing that shows there ever was a transaction that took place between that lady and the Town of Buxton.

Selectman Harmon asked if we would have to get the Town’s attorney to draw up a deed.  
Selectman Emery said the surveyor can probably get a description from the survey.  He does not think it will be too complicated to break a piece off that point.

Selectman Booker said she talked with the auditor again this morning following up on what he was working on the other day.  She also reported that she had reviewed the information for the meeting the Board was supposed to have tonight with the Comprehensive Plan Committee that has been postponed. a week.  She mentioned that she has had discussions with just about all department heads this week.  She said she has not had a chance to get back into revenues and expenses for the Recreation Department; she needed additional information from Charisse who did get back to her today.  Selectman Booker has also been looking at electricity rates and thinks she will be able to speak with someone who will get some rates for us.  Our contract was for a year so it is time to renew that and see what we can get for rates for this year.  

Selectman Senechal reported that she has been busy going through mail.  She said she read some of the Personnel Policy and asked the rest of the Board if they are working on it so they can have a workshop at the end of the month.  Aside from that she has been catching up on things.

  • Old Business
Personnel Policy – The Board will know more next week about when they can schedule a workshop.

  • New Business
Selectman Emery asked Selectman Harmon if she has heard anything about the Police Union contract.

Selectman Harmon said she talked with Roger Kelly the other day and he was checking on some dates with the Union Representative but she has not heard back from him.

  • Executive Orders
E.O. 121305012 – An order to approve an Application for Veteran Exemption for [Map 9, Lot 47-9]

E.O. 121305013 – An order to approve the Warrant and Notice of Election Calling Maine School Administrative District No. 6 Budget Validation Referendum

  • Executive Orders by Initiative

  • Accounts Payable and Payroll Warrants
E.O. 121305010 – An order approving expenditures as documented in Accounts Payable Warrant #96.  Approved 4-0-1
E.O. 121305011– An order approving expenditures as documented in Payroll Warrant #95
Approved 4-0-1

  • Next Meeting of the Board
Board of Selectmen Meeting Wednesday, May 8, 2013, at 7:00 PM

  • Other Business
Nathan Schools, our Fire Chief, gives the Board a weekly report and there was an item in the last report that the Board thought deserved mention.  Chief Schools extended his thanks to Deputy Chief Jones and the EMS officers for securing funding for new laptops for each ambulance, a desktop computer for ePCR’s report writing and a printer for use with EMS reporting.~ These grants are a 2/3 cost share for the department where the State of Maine pays 2/3 and the department pays a 1/3 of the grant.~ The matching funds are already being held from previous computer purchases, so to not affect our current operating budget.

The Board would also like to thank Deputy Chief Jones and the EMS officers who put this grant in for funding.  There is money out there, you just have to look for it.  This will be saving the Fire Department some money.

  • Public Comments and Questions
Chief Mike Grovo went over statistics for 291 complaints handled last week.  As Chief Grovo was going over the previous week’s calls for service, he mentioned a structure fire the Fire Department responded to and commented on what an awesome job they did stopping the fire and saving the house.  

Adam Ricci, our Animal Control Officer asked the Chief to talk about kittens and wildlife.  He said it is the time of year when there will be a lot of feral cats and stray cats having litters.  If you know of any, please contact him.  He will capture them in a humane way and take them to the Animal Refuge League where they will be spayed, neutered, and adopted.  He asked people to call 207-929-6612 and stay away from baby wildlife.  Please do not pick them up.  If you have any wildlife issues you should contact the Maine Game Wardens at 657-2345.

Chief Grovo said we were supposed to receive the radar speed trailer program but at the last location they had technical issues and it has not been working so the Police Department has been contacted and they will make sure we will get our turn if not this year then definitely next year.

Chief Grovo talked about the Stackpole Creek Bridge on Simpson Road that is closed until further notice due to further deterioration of the bridge.  It is at the point where they feel it is not safe for a motor vehicle to go across it.  The Fire Department has a working mutual aid pack with Saco as does the Police Department so if Saco PD has a call, they will have to take the long way around.

The Yellow Dot Program will be kicked off May 18th at the Bar Mills Fire Department Open House from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  The Police Department will also be doing drug take-back and there will be a police officer there to take those.  They will be doing child safety seat installation, blood pressure checks and other things.

  • Executive Session

  • Adjournment
Motion made and seconded to adjourn the Meeting at 7:25 PM
Approved 4-0-1

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