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The Buxton Transfer Station runs a licensed composting facility behind the recycling building.  
We compost leaves, grass, hay, pine needles, fruits, vegetables, manure, wood shavings, potting soil, coffee grounds, and clean saw dust from untreated, non-glued wood.  All organics acceptable for composting can be dropped off for free at the Transfer Station.  Please do not leave bones, fat, meat, or trash in the compost area.  Organic materials should be left near the yellow sign at the edge of the compost area.  Please empty material out of trash bags.  Please do not leave plastic or clay pots in the compost area.

Composting organic material saves the Town money by reducing tipping fees.  The Town is charged a tipping fee based on the weight of material that is left out for curbside pickup.  Leaves, grass, and pine needles are banned from curbside trash pickup.

Compost is available for Buxton residents at a cost of $5 for a bucket full from our front-end loader (fills the bed of a small pick-up truck).  Our compost “cooks” for a full year before we give it away to the public.  We achieve a minimum temperature of 1450 F to break down pathogens.  Our compost is not screened, so you may find the occasional stick or small piece of litter.  

The Transfer Station sponsors a yearly sale of Backyard Compost Bins.  This sale usually starts in February, and ends in April.  Compost bins are delivered to the Transfer Station in May.  These compost bins are available for $37.50 (2008 price).  Kitchen Scrap Pails are also available for $8 (2008 price).  The Wingdigger is a handy tool to turn your compost periodically available for $16.50 (2008 price).  We also sponsor a composting class scheduled for the same date that the compost bins are delivered to the Transfer Station.  Call 929-3913 for specific dates.  We usually have extra compost bins and pails available if you didn’t get your order in on time.

Town of Buxton
  185 Portland Road, Buxton, ME 04093 (207) 929-5191
Town Office Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm & Wed: 11:30am - 7:30pm
For departmental office hours please visit that department's home page.