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Buxton Transfer Station Fee Schedule
  Buxton Transfer Station Fee Schedule
The Following Materials Are Accepted Free Of Charge:
Glass jars & bottles: Please rinse items and remove lids.  Labels can remain.
Plastic jars & bottles: colored and opaque # 2 plastic only (look for # 2 inside of recycling arrows)
Cans & light metals: food cans, jar lids, foil, clothes hangers, and aerosol cans.
Metal: metal doors and windows, washers, dryers, microwaves, pipes, kitchen ranges, and lawn mowers.
Fees apply to any items containing pressurized gasses (refrigerators, freezers, propane tanks, dehumidifiers).
Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, & soft covered books (no loose paper or mail please)
Boxboard: (cereal boxes, loose paper, mail, egg cartons, & toilet paper tubes for example)
Corrugated cardboard (Paper bags and paper grain bags (no plastic liner) are recycled with cardboard)
Batteries: auto / boat / motorcycle & other lead acid batteries.
Motor oil, K1, gas, diesel, & Transmission fluid: use containers smaller than 5 gallons. No oil contaminated
with water or antifreeze. (Antifreeze is a hazardous waste & can be dropped off on Hazardous Waste Day.)
Organics: grass, leaves, hay, pine needles, garden trimmings, fruits, vegetables, coffee grinds, & manure.
This material should be trash free, & dumped out of trash bags in the compost area near the yellow sign.
Textiles: clean serviceable clothing.  No undergarments, bedding, or damp items please.
Mercury containing products: Thermometers, thermostats, smoke alarms, hearing aid batteries, button batteries, mercury switches, cell phones, tranformers, & fluorescent lights (tube & screw in compacts).
Fees Are Charged For The Disposal Of The Following:
Bulky Waste: stuffed furniture, insulation, sheetrock, windows, carpeting, mattresses, construction debris, mirrors, asphalt, miscellaneous junk, & pressure treated wood.
Wood Waste: No pressure treated wood, insulation, or metal.
Asphalt shingles & tarpaper:  No wood, paper or flashing.  Code Enforcement permit required (permit is free)
Inert waste: brick, masonry, cinder blocks, concrete, cement, rocks, gravel, sand, ceramics, pottery, tile,porcelain fixtures, cement board, & uncontaminated soil.  No Asphalt
Ashes: Must be cold ($1 per 5 gallon bucket, $3 for larger containers)
Household trash: $1 Per bag.  Avoid fee by placing at roadside
Approximate Load Size
Approximate Fee*
Passenger car trunk
$3 to $6
Minivan, station wagon, sport utility vehicle, compact pick-up truck (4' bed)
$12 to $18
Short bed pick-up truck (6' bed), compact pick-up with side boards, full-size van, 4' X 8' trailer without side boards
$24 to $30
Short bed pick-up truck with sideboards, full size pick-up 4' X 8' trailer with sideboards
$48 to $60
1 ton truck, small dump truck
$60 & Up
*Specific fees charged for the following items:
Brush:  $3  per pick-up truck or trailer load.  
              $6 per small dump truck load.
Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers & air conditioners = $12
Propane tanks:
           1 lb size = $1 ,  
         20 lb size = $3 ,
     larger tanks = $21
Computer Monitors, CPU's, & T.V.'s: $ 3 ($6 for a system including a CPU and monitor)
Mattresses / Box springs = $ 3 each  
Couches = $6   
Stuffed Chairs / bureaus = $3
Tire Disposal Fees:
Passenger Car Tires, Race Car Tires, & Motorcycle Tires =  $ 3   ($ 6 with rim)
Truck Tires:
             19.5" & up =      $10,  
              Bobcat Tires  =  $ 8   
Fork Lift Tire fees are Based on Tire Size:
4" =           $5.00,
6" =           $9.00,
7" & up = $12.00
Off Road Tire Fee Based on Tread width:
       1-10" =      $12.00,
       11-18" =    $25.00,
       19-25" =    $50.00,
       26" & up = $50.00

Town of Buxton
  185 Portland Road, Buxton, ME 04093 (207) 929-5191
Town Office Hours: Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm & Wed: 11:30am - 7:30pm
For departmental office hours please visit that department's home page.