New Curbside Trash Rules

Explanation of New Curbside Rule Banning Loose Trash 

 updated 9/24/21

 Everything put out for curbside pickup must be in a trash bag, even if it is in a trash can.  No loose material (including cardboard) will be picked up.  Trash bags under loose materials in a trash can will not be picked up.  This Solid Waste Ordinance change was voted on at Town Meeting, & is now being enforced. 

 This new curbside trash rule is meant to prevent litter from being blown around by the wind.  When trash cans have loose trash, litter often escapes as it is being dumped into the back of the trash truck.  Loose trash will also be blown out of the truck as it makes it rounds through Buxton. 

Bagged trash will also prevent  damage to residents trash cans since the bags can be pulled out of the trash can and tossed into the trash truck instead of picking up a heavy trash can and hitting the side of the can on the edge of the truck to empty it. 

Bagged trash is also less likely to attract animals due to the reduced odor compared to loose trash. 

Not allowing stacks of loose cardboard to be placed on the ground next to the trash will encourage people to recycle if they don’t want to go to the trouble of ripping up boxes to fit in a trash bag.  It will also help prevent cardboard from being blown into the street, plowed into the woods, or getting rained on.  Wet cardboard doesn't burn well at the incinerator.  Buxton pays tipping fees based on weight, so if cardboard is left out during snow or rain, we pay extra money for the weight of the water.  Cardboard boxes are not acceptable alternatives to garbage bags for the above reasons.

 A supermarket/retail plastic bag is NOT an acceptable bag.  The crew doesn’t want to lift the barrels into the truck for both safety and litter control reasons.  A trash can filled with little plastic bags would take too long to empty without lifting the can, especially if the practice became commonplace.  Supermarket plastic bags are also very thin and tend to rip open, don’t contain odors well, and are difficult to tie closed in a manner that prevents trash from escaping.

The minimum size for an acceptable alternative/nontraditional garbage bag is a 30 pound bulk feed, pet food, bird seed, grain bag, or paper leaf bag, as long as they are tied shut in a manner that prevents trash from escaping. 

 If you have any further questions, please call Greg Heffernan at 929-3913, or email at