Disbursement Warrant Ordinance

Section 1.  Purpose.
The purpose of this ordinance is to provide an emergency alternative to the statutory procedure for the approval of warrants authorizing the Town Treasurer to disburse public funds.

Section 2.  Authority.
This ordinance is enacted pursuant to Title 30-A of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, Sections 3001 and 5603(2)(A).

Section 3.  Procedure for Emergency Disbursements.

A.  Emergency-Defined.   Emergency or purpose of this ordinance means those times when a majority of duly elected Selectmen can not meet and act collectively due to:

1.  vacancies in the office of Selectman;
2.  the death, recall or resignation of two or more Selectmen; or
3.  the sickness, incapacity or unavailability of two or more Selectmen.

B.  Authority.  In the case of an Emergency as defined herein, the Town Treasurer may disburse public funds for a particular purpose:

1.  upon receipt of a duly executed warrant seen and signed by a majority of the Selectmen acting individually and separately, or
2.  upon receipt of a duly executed warrant seen and signed by a single Selectman when only one Selectman is then serving.

Section 4. Limitations.
In the event that only one Selectman is then serving, the single Selectman may not execute or issue a warrant increasing any Town employee's wages or benefits, including but not limited to, the employee's hourly rate, salary or bonus, and further, the single Selectman may not execute or issue any disbursement warrant authorizing a disbursement in an amount exceeding the amount budgeted and approved for the particular purpose at Town Meeting except where such a disbursement is otherwise permitted or required by law.

Section 5.  Effective Date.
This ordinance becomes effective upon the date of its approval.
Affirmative Vote, March 4, 1999, Article 2, Open Special Town Meeting Count of Hands, Yes 124, No 36