Running for Office

The Board of Selectmen shall be composed of five members, each of whom shall be elected by the registered voters of the Town by secret ballot to serve three year staggered terms.  At each regular municipal election, Board members shall be elected to fill those positions that have become vacant.  Only registered voters of the Town shall be eligible to hold the Office of Selectmen (Title 30 MRSA 2526(3)).  Selectmen shall physically reside within the limits of the Town during their term of office.  A Selectmen's term of office shall end at the close of the Annual Town Meeting.

The Board's responsibilities are grouped in four broad areas of corporate management:

  • Management of the municipal finances
  • Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the Town's residents
  • Management of public property and personnel
  • Management of contracts and relations with other State and local agencies and the public

Selectmen are elected for a term of three years and are not limited to the number of terms that they can serve.

The Selectmen's Meetings are televised locally on channel 5.