Public Works Garage

The old town garage was located on the corner of Haines Meadow Road and Long Plains Rd.  It was demolished in May 2015.
The old town garage was located on the corner of Haines Meadow Road and Long Plains Rd. It was demolished in May 2015.

The New Public Works Garage was formally approved at the Town’s Annual Town Meeting in June 2003 when the voters approved a Warrant Article which established a Building Fund for a new Town Garage.  At the same Meeting the voters approved $25,000 to be appropriated from Undesignated Surplus funds to be used as the initial appropriation for the Town Garage Building Fund.

On August 6, 2003 the Selectmen appointed Daniel T. Collomy, Sharon Elwell, Larry Anderson and Dennis Sweatt to the new Town Garage Committee to research/design and make recommendations for a new Town Garage.  On February 18, 2004 the Committee reported that they had visited garages in Gorham, Westbrook and the O’Connor building on Warren Avenue.  Some of the garages were huge and the one in Westbrook was very small and old.  The Committee will be reviewing the plans that were used for the Bar Mills Fire Station as that building seems to be very close to the type of building needed in Buxton.

The Building Committee selected DeLuca-Hoffman Associates, Inc. to design the new building and handle the site work and permit process.  An application to construct the new Public Works facility was submitted to the Code Enforcement Office on June 13, 2005 and final approval of the site and building was approved by the Buxton Planning Board on May 22, 2006.  The new building consists of 9,600 square feet and is designed as a maintenance garage to house public works vehicles and has office space for eight Public Works employees.

In June 2007 an Article was placed on the Warrant asking the voters to approve $1,800,000 to construct and equip a Public Works Garage facility on the site of the Town’s municipal complex on Portland Road.  The vote was 417 ‘Yes’ and 411 ‘No’.  The Town approved a bid of $1,995 from Risbarra Brothers for the clearing of the Site.  High Pine Well Drilling, Inc. was awarded the bid of $9,100 for drilling the well for the new building.  On November 14, 2007 Emery Aggregates & Excavation, Inc was awarded the bid for the site Work Contract for the Buxton Public Works Garage for the amount of $346,778.  On May 28, 2008 the Town entered into final negotiations and awarded the Public Works Garage contract to Littlefield Bros, Inc. for a price not to exceed $1,100,000.

The Public Works Garage was completed March 20, 2009 and the Public Works staff started moving equipment and supplies into the new facility.  The Public Works staff is now working from the new Garage located at 215 Portland Road.  Public Works Director, Tom Kennie, Larry Anderson, Mechanic, Keith Emery, Ed O’Neil and Michael Pulsoni all report how much they love the modern facility and the luxuries the new building provides.  It took almost six years to build, but we all expect the new Garage to last as many years as the old one.  It is a beautiful building inside and out and we all should be very proud that a Town the size of Buxton is the envy of surrounding communities with such an up-to-date facility.