Water Testing

The Code Enforcement Office has free water testing kits donated by Nelson Analytical Lab.   The kit contains everything needed for: standard, comprehensive, FHA/VA water tests, which include arsenic, lead, uranium and fluoride.  The kit is free, but the lab fee will be approximately $30 depending on what you request for testing.

Or you can contact a water testing lab listed below and request a Safety Check Kit at a cost of $30 per kit.

Water Testing Labs

Nelson Analytical Lab
560 Main Street
Springvale, ME  04083
207-324-2074    Fax 207-324-8007
Monday – Friday 8am - 4pm
After hours pick up & drop off available
Free water test kit provided by Nelson Analytical Lab are available in the code Office

State of Maine
Health & Environmental Testing
221 State Street
Augusta, ME  04333

Other Water Questions
State of Maine
Health & Engineering
Drinking Water
157 Capital Street
Augusta, ME  04333