Access to Attics: A readily accessible access opening not less than 22 inches by 30 inches.

Accessory Apartment requirements – A room or suite of rooms used by a one, two or three member family which is separate from other existing suites of rooms which comprise the principal living space of the home and which contains independent living, cooking, sleeping, bathing and sanitary facilities.  No such accessory dwelling unit shall contain more than 500 square feet of floor space.  Must comply with Section 11.23 of the zoning ordinance (available on line).

Chimney – NFPA 211 Code – Center chimney must have 2” clearance from wood and outside chimney must have 1” clearance when exiting roof the roof the chimney must continue 3’ higher and must    be 2’ above anything within 10’ horizontal distance.

Deck - You DO need a permit for a deck.  If replacing a deck a permit is needed only if you are expanding the deck and you pay only for the expanded section.

D.E.P. Approval – Needed if work is being done within 100’ of water bodies.

Egress Windows – Sill height no more than 44” off the floor, with a net clear opening of 5.7 square feet.  The minimum net clear opening height is 24” and net clear opening width dimension is 20”.   The Grade Floor window may have a minimum net clear opening of 5 square feet.

E911 address  -  The Town asks that you place reflective numbers 4” or higher on your actual dwelling unit near the front door and on Both sides of the mailbox or at the beginning of the driveway (if your house is not visible from the road).  

Fire Separation – 5/8” sheet rock between garage and house (1 hour fire rated) and a 1-hour fire door with self closing hinges.

Garage Floor – Must have a 4” drop to garage floor when attached to a house.

Load Limits – The Town does not have any roads restricted by load limits at this time.  We ask that you run your regular loads in the early morning and lighter loads in the afternoon.

Permit Life – Must start work within 6 months of issuance and finish within 18 months.

Shed – If the structure is 8’ x 10’ or larger you DO need a permit.  Smaller than an 8’ x 10’ you DO NOT need a permit, But do need to meet required setbacks.

Residential Growth Caps - The Town of Buxton does not have any building caps or impact fees at this time.

Setbacks -  see Lot and Yard Requirements.

Sign requirements – see section 10.11 of the Zoning Ordinance.

Smoke Detectors – Must be hard wired and installed on all floors and 1 installed in each sleeping area.

Structural Loads:
        Snow Loads = 70 lbs. sq. ft.
        Wind speed = 90

Swimming Pools – In-ground and above-ground pools DO need a permit and need to follow the State required safety barriers and setback requirements.  

On the ground inflatable pools DO NOT require a permit, but DO need to follow the State required safety barriers and setback requirements.

All pools, hot tubs and spas require a grounded GFI electrical unit inspected by a Master Electrician

Vents – Should be installed in crawl spaces, attics and for dryer installations

Woodstove Installation