Snow Removal

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The Town of Buxton has approximately 120 miles of  plowable roads. The Public Works crew is mobilized when the roads initially get covered.  We First place salt on all mainline roads to prevent the snow from sticking to the surface.  Then, we scrape the road surface continuously until the snow stops.  At that time we begin cleanup operations which consist of scraping all roads one last time and pushing back the piles of snow to allow any snow melt to leave the road surface.  Normal clean up operations (after the snow stops) will take approximately four hours.

The following are some guidelines for removing snow in the town of Buxton. Whether you are plowing, snow blowing or shoveling, safety is the number one concern for everyone. Many of the guidelines are based on the laws in Title 29-A. Summonses can be issued for violations.

A public way means a way, owned or maintained by the state, county or a municipality, over which the general public has a right to pass. The town's right of way is fifteen or more feet from the edge of the roadway. A sidewalk is considered a right of way.

Anything placed within the right of way is at the owner's risk. Mailboxes should be placed as far as possible off the roadway. The wings of the town plow trucks are about 38 inches high. Try to place your mailbox about 46 inches high so the wing of the plow will pass under the mailbox.

Anytime snow is placed in the right of way, it is a violation and you can be summonsed. It is illegal to plow snow across the roadway. Plow any windrows of snow that are at the end of your driveway into the existing snow bank. All snow must be removed from the right of way prior to the town crew's cleanup pass.

Be sure to turn your flashing amber light on only when you are plowing at the end of a driveway. Remember to turn the light off when traveling from job site to job site. When backing from a private way, you must yield to the traffic on the public way.
If you break down or go off the roadway, please notify the police department as soon as possible so that we may help you and keep your vehicle from interfering with traffic. DO NOT abandon your vehicle on the roadway.

Please do not allow children to build snow forts or tunnel into snow banks next to the roadway. The plow operators cannot see children when they are winging the snow banks back.

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