Cemetery Committee

Ancient Cemeteries
The Cemetery Committee was formed in 1989 with the purpose of locating and identifying the ancient cemeteries of the Town of Buxton.  The secondary purpose was to clear some of the growth from these old burial grounds and, to the extent possible, restore the gravestones to their proper location, condition and posture.  The Committee members used John Frost's 1967 survey as a reference point and followed maps and sketches as well as written and oral directions to some long-neglected grave sites.  The Committee's information was augmented weekly by the recollections of long-time Buxton residents, who proved to have both extraordinary powers of recall and a lively interest in the project.

During the first year the Committee located 48 ancient cemeteries, five of which lie just outside of Buxton's town line but which are closely associated with Buxton through family ties.  There are approximately 650 graves in the 48 ancient cemeteries.  Three of the cemeteries have one grave each; several have dozens of graves; one contains over one hundred graves.  In addition, there are six relatively large cemeteries that are administered by cemetery associations, giving a grand total of 54 cemeteries within or very close to the Town of Buxton.

The Committee now focuses in mowing the cemeteries and improving the appearance of the Town Cemeteries.

A compilation has been made of the ancient cemeteries, their locations and those persons interred therein and is available to the public at the Buxton Municipal Office.  If anyone is interested in participating in the Committee Meetings or on-site work, the Cemetery Committee members would love to have your help.  



Chad E. Poitras


Dana W. Ryder