Programs & Services

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Emergency Assistance
General Assistance is done by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact the Welfare Director at 929-5191. After hours, call 929-5151. For information on other resources call 2-1-1.

Heat Assistance
It is the applicant’s responsibility to plan ahead, track and monitor their fuel supply to avoid an emergency. Those with low or no income should apply each year for LIHEAP, a program run by York County Community Action. Information can be found on their website. This should be done before applying for General Assistance. If there are not sufficient resources in the household to purchase heating fuel, individuals may apply for General Assistance. There are limitations on the time of year and how much fuel General Assistance can provide

Electricity Assistance
If eligible for General Assistance there may be limited assistance with a CMP bill. If an individual is having difficulty paying the light bill, he/she should contact CMP and get onto a payment plan.

Food Assistance
Individuals may apply for General Assistance to determine eligibility. General Assistance is a cure of last resort so we encourage residents to use local food pantries.

Rent Assistance
It is the applicant's responsibility to locate and obtain housing that is within their ability to pay. Housing is a basic necessity. An applicant may apply for emergency assistance. Some help may be available on a temporary basis. There is a maximum amount of assistance that is available for any housing request in a 30 day period. To be eligible for assistance, an applicant must complete an application and meet the income guidelines. Note: If a municipality grants assistance with any part of a mortgage payment, the municipality will place a lien on the property. The lien will stay in effect against the real estate until it is enforced, and can be enforced when the recipient dies or when the property is transferred by sale or gift.

"Keep the heat on"
This program provides heating assistance primarily for our elderly residents on fixed incomes who are unable to meet the rising cost of heating fuel. To be eligible to use this program applicants must be on "fixed incomes" such as SS or SSDI and must apply for fuel assistance through LIHEAP with York County Community Action. Applicants for Keep The Heat must meet LIHEAP Income Eligibility guidelines. Donations to the program are made with returnable bottles and cans which can be dropped off at the Buxton Transfer Station. The program accepts cash donations and has fund raising events throughout the year. Contact the Director of Social Services at the Town Office at 207-929-5191.