Community Cares Program

The Buxton Community Cares Program was established in 1992.  The program was designed for citizens to call in who wish to have well being checks on a daily basis.

This program has been very successful over the years. Through daily contacts, the people who use the program have developed great relationships with the dispatchers and police officers.

The intent of this program is to allow persons to live in their homes with a certain level of security and peace-of-mind.  The Communications Center is designed to handle any emergency in a timely and safe fashion.   It is important to understand that age is not a factor in receiving this service.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving this service, please download the form and complete it.  Once completed, you may mail the form or drop it off at the Communications Center.  You may also call Communications to have an officer come to your home to pick up the form or assist you in completing it.  

For additional information, please contact the Buxton Communications Center at 929-5151.