Share Shop Policy

The Buxton Transfer Station’s Share Shop is meant to be a place where people can leave unwanted clothes, toys, books, and other items in good condition for people to reuse.  Unfortunately, some people use the Share Shop as a way to get rid of garage sale rejects, moldy furniture, broken items, and other trash.
The Share Shop is not meant to be a means of getting away without paying for the costs of disposal.  

The Buxton Transfer Station’s policy is to charge a fee for anything that costs the Town money for disposal.  The Transfer Station reserves the right to charge a minimal fee for items brought to the Share Shop that are unlikely to be taken by someone else.  Fees will be determined at the discretion of the gate attendant or management.  Space available to store Share Shop items is very limited.  We will charge a fee for furniture or other bulky items that are unlikely to be taken.  Computers, monitors, televisions, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, and other items that have a specific charge associated with them cannot be accepted for free for the Share Shop.

Items from the Share Shop are NOT meant to be taken for resale.  It is NOT our intent to be a supplier for yard sales or flea markets. We reserve the right to restrict who takes items from the share shop.   We also reserve the right to restrict the number and type of items taken by any particular individual.  The Share Shop is for Buxton Residents only.   

The Town of Buxton assumes no liability for items taken from the Share Shop.  All items taken are “as is” at your own risk.  An electrical outlet is available to test electrical items.  We recommend testing all electrical items before taking them home.  We don’t keep track of who takes what from the Share Shop, so items taken from the Share Shop that are returned to us may incur a charge.  

Children must be supervised in the Share Shop at all times.