Records Restoration Program

The Town of Buxton has an extensive and active Records Restoration Program.  In 1989, with $1,000.00 from the Miscellaneous Account, Selectmen chose to have our priceless Original Proprietors Records restored and rebound.  This book, along with many of our Tax and Valuation books had been left in a vault with a moisture problem.

 Since the implementation of this program, we have been able to restore 171 volumes, 2 maps, 1900 Loose Documents and hard copies of Births, Deaths, and Marriages found in an old school bus.  Our Valuations and Tax Records have been restored from the mid 1700s through 1947.  We also have our Town Reports from 1870 through 2004 all bound in volumes.  We have recently acquired a volume of 440 pages copied from a Maine Historical Society work in danger of being lost.  This includes births, deaths, some marriages, and historic notes regarding the families from 1748 until 1891, transcribed by Dr. A K Meserve. This was photocopied and again transcribed into a computer by Burt Pease of Buxton, and is now being bound at Brown River Bindery in Vt.  Our records include Militia Lists ‚School Records, Road Records, and many others.

The Narragansett Number One Foundation has funded the restoration of 17 volumes of our Town Records.

We do encourage the citizens of Buxton and others from the surrounding area to use and enjoy these restored records and maps. Copies of the restored early maps (1850s) are available for purchase.  We are so fortunate to have these Historical Records‚ and they are available at the Town Office during regular office hours.