Mailbox Suggestions

Damage to Mailboxes
This is a common problem and a source of much confusion. Each street is a public right of way (ROW); this ROW may extend 6 to 10 feet or more beyond the paved surface. In most cases people do not know this exists or they simply ignore the fact and plant or place objects in the ROW. Generally speaking the Town is not responsible for any type of damage to any item including mailboxes located in this area. Residents should review their property records and become familiar with actual boundaries. Mailboxes should be placed as far back from the road as practical, set at a height of 45 in. and equipped with reflectors on all sides. It is also prudent to check posts for rot or deterioration, particularly at the base to insure they will not break under the weight of snow.

Our plow drivers are warned to take all precautions to avoid striking mailboxes with the wing of the plow. Below are some tips for mailbox placement to help reduce the changes of damage during winter plowing:

  • Place reflective material on the side of the box visible to approaching traffic, also, 4" high reflective letters to identify the address is recommended to assist emergency vehicles.
  • Mailbox post size must not exceed 4" by 4" for a wooden post or 2" diameter for a steel pipe post for roadside barrier safety. Posts that are more substantial in construction are considered "deadly fixed objects" and are not permitted within the Town Way.