Community Policing Coins

Citizen Recognition Program
In 2004 the Buxton Police Department began acknowledging citizens and employees who commit acts of extraordinary kindness, or unselfishly give of themselves to help others by presenting them with a special coin.  These coins were specially minted for the BPD and are carried by all on duty police personnel. 

Minted Coin Award Policy
The Buxton Police Department is interested in promoting its public relations, and community policing concepts, in acknowledging citizens and employees alike who commit an act of extraordinary kindness, or unselfishly give of themselves to help others.
To this end, a coin minted for this Department with the assistance of the Maine Community Policing Institute may be rewarded to citizens and employees who give of themselves.  


  • Each employee of the Buxton Police Department will be issued a special coin minted for the Buxton Police Department to be carried by the employee while on duty.  
  • Each employee is encouraged to be vigil in recognizing true acts of extraordinary kindness, or helpfulness on the part of another, toward their fellow man.   
  • When an employee believes that such an act has been committed, the employee should present the person(s) with their coin as a reward for their act of kindness/or unselfishness.   
  • When the employee makes this judgment and rewards a person with their coin, the employee must fill out a brief "Presentation Card" with the reward receiver's name, address, phone number, and a very abbreviated set of circumstances as noted by the giver.  
  • This "Presentation Card" will be turned into the Chief of Police who will immediately replace the employee's coin.