Pleasant Pont Park
Pleasant Point Park has many walking trails

Buxton is very lucky to have six public parks, all overseen by Boards of Trustees appointed by the Selectmen.  The parks are:  Bonny Eagle, Carroll, Estes, Pleasant Point, Town Farm and Weymouth.  All of Buxton’s parks are open from dawn to dusk.  In addition to these lovely parks, the schools all have playgrounds and athletic fields available for recreational activities.

Bonny Eagle Park
Bonny Eagle Park is located banks of the Bonny Eagle Pond at the end of Proprietor’s Road.  The beach in Bonny Eagle Park has shallow water and slow current and is a favorite place for youngsters to learn to swim.  The Park sports a boat ramp and a sandy beach.  This Park also have a few picnic tables and is a nice place to enjoy a warm summer day.

The Town of Buxton acquired this lovely Park for $6,000 by approval of the voters at a Special Town Meeting on May 20, 1961.

Carroll Park
Carroll Park consists of 4.8 acres situated between Flaggy Meadow Road and Hurlin Smith Road in the Groveville section of Buxton.  This lovely Town Park contains a baseball diamond, bleacher seating, an equipment storage building, picnic area, off-street parking and a new playground.  A basketball court is also available.  A walking path circles the Park’s entire parameter.  The boy’s and girl’s softball leagues use the field. 

The Trustees have undertaken a massive cleanup of the park by cutting and removing several dead trees from the park to make the entire area safe for visitors.  The cleanup was made possible by a donation from the Maine Community Foundation. 

The park is open from sunrise to sunset and is well maintained for the enjoyment of all who live in the Town of Buxton. 

Handicapped accessible port-a-potty is available during the summer months.  The new playground equipment provided by a grant from the Narragansett Foundation is a tremendous asset to the Park and is extensively used in all kinds of weather. 

This lovely piece of property was used as a park for many years before Harold Carroll purchased it in 1973 and subsequently given to the town.  Volunteers and local residents maintain the park.  Many local businesses and town residents have donated their time and energy to make this Park what it is today.

Estes Park
Estes Park consists of approximately five acres.  The Park is located on the Chicopee Road in North Buxton and was donated to the Town in 1975 for recreational use.  Facilities include a softball diamond, two dugouts, bleacher seating, picnic tables and off-street parking.

During the past year a massive clean-up of the park has taken place.  The trees have been cut surrounding the Park in the front next to the road.  This clearing activity will help visitors locate the park and hopefully keep vandalism to a minimum.  A new Trustee came on board recently and has done extensive work on the ball field.  This sweet little park will soon be one of Buxton’s premiere parks.

Pleasant Point Park
Pleasant Point Park is located on the Simpson Road and is truly the gem of all the Buxton’s Parks. The Park contains some of the most pristine land in Buxton.  Enter through the stone gates and walk down the dirt road that leads you to the most gorgeous point of land overlooking the Saco River. This 60-acre Park is a wonderful place to relax and visit.  It is truly a treasure right in our own backyard.

Follow the walking trail on the south side and you soon come to the ancient burying ground of the early settlers.  The sacred ground is well marked with stones around the parameter and simple rocks marking the grave sites.  The burying ground is on very high land and has one of the most beautiful vistas of the entire Saco River.  Continuing on the same trail weaving back toward the entrance, the foundation of the Woodman home is visible.  Imagine the hardship and dangers the Woodman family faced in those early days as they helped shape history as the Salmon Falls village began to prosper.

The Park provides several picnic tables scatter around the Park, canoe and kayak access, swimming, which includes a rope swing that overhangs the cliffs.  This area of the Saco River is approximately 50 feet deep (There is no lifeguard on duty), hiking trails (dogs are welcome if leashed and please pick-up after your dog) and portable toilets. There is limited parking available and please NO snowmobiles or motorized bikes allowed. 

Park History
Originally called the "Cyrus Woodman Reservation" Pleasant Point Park was placed in a trust by the Woodman family.  In 1923 the Park was given to Appalachian Mountain Club by Mary Woodman.

In 1945 the AMC gave the Park to the State of Maine.

In 1959, the town of Buxton received a letter from the State Park Commission saying that they would not entertain the idea of transferring ownership of  (Pleasant Point Park) because of the State's plan to develop the property.   However, the plans were not carried out due to the Class "D" (unsuitable for public recreationdue to the water quality of the Saco River adjacent to Pleasant Point Park at the time.

In 1960 the Buxton Selectmen proposed a lease agreement with the State of Maine Park Commission. At their annual meeting, the townspeople voted it down, again because of the Class "D" designation.

In 1971 the Town of Buxton entered a 5 year renewable license with the State to use the land with some covenants in place.

In June of 1989 the Park was deeded to the Town on Buxton

Town Farm Park
Town Farm Park is part of the Buxton Municipal complex property.  Approximately ten acres of the original “Town Farm” property has been developed into a park to serve the residents of Buxton. 

The Town Farm Park Committee was officially formed several years ago to explore the feasibility of establishing more ball fields on Town owned land.  The Committee started work with volunteer labor and with help from the National Guard they cleared and leveled a portion of the site at no cost to the Town. 

Today this Park has been developed into a baseball, softball and multi-purpose fields.  Like some of the other Parks in Town, a parameter walking/jogging path, which connects, to the Municipal Complex is available.  The Park can be accessed from Town Farm Road and has a large parking lot on site.             
Interested in using Town Farm Park athletic field's? Please submit the attached form. All field request are first come first serve. Town Farm Park is overseen by trustee's and not the Recreation Department.

Weymouth Park
Weymouth Park contains approximately seven acres of open land and is located at the intersection of Routes 202 and 112.  This parcel of land was once known as the “Old Fair Ground” and was donated to Trustees to maintain in 1926 by Frank Weymouth.  It presently contains a Babe Ruth ball field, Little League field with bleachers, tennis/basketball court, handicapped porta-a-potty and limited parking.

The Little League maintains its own field and the Park Trustees hire maintenance for the remainder of the Park.  The Town of Buxton does not own the Park, but the Park is available for use by all residents.

The Trustees of Weymouth Park have great visions for this park and have applied to the Narragansett Foundation for financial support to help with the cost of the planned upgrades.