Curbside Pickup Rules

  • The Transfer Station is open on Tuesdays from 10am to 6pm, and Thursdays & Saturdays from 8am to 4pm.
  • The Transfer Station’s phone # is 929-3913, e-mailWebsite
  • Casella provides Buxton’s curbside trash pick-up services and can be reached at 1-888-857-0800.

Trash must be out by 6 am in order to be picked up
Pick-up times will change frequently.  If you get used to a certain pick-up time for your neighborhood & want to risk putting your trash out after 6 am, you may do so at your own risk.  There will be times when a truck breaks down or a crew gets sick, and the trash pick-up time will change.  If this happens & you put your trash out after 6am, it’s not the trash company or the Town of Buxton’s responsibility to take care of your missed trash.  Your options are to bring your trash to the Transfer Station and pay $1 per bag or put it out the next week if you can still meet the weekly curbside limit of  96 gallons of trash.

There will be no curbside pick-up on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving Day.
If one of these holidays falls on your pick-up day, pick-up will be on the following Friday.  All other holidays will be picked up on the regular day.  Snowstorms do not affect the curbside pick-up schedule.  Trash bags left too close to the side of the road may get buried or ripped apart by the snowplow.  It is unlikely the trash truck will see white trash bags under white snow. The Transfer Station will accept household trash for free if you don’t want to put it out during a storm.  Casella personnel are not allowed to cross the street to pick up trash.  The truck does one side of the street at a time.  If you put your trash out after they have done your side of the street, they will not pick it up when they do the other side of the street.                                                                                                                                               
The following items are unacceptable curbside waste, and will not be picked up by the garbage truck

  • Any waste not enclosed in a closed container such as a garbage bag or trash can (no loose materials)
  •  Car or other vehicle batteries, tires, or parts
  •  Commercial waste (see definition below)
  •  Computers, monitors, television sets, printers, scanners, or cell phones
  •  Dead animals or portions thereof, or other pathological, medical, or biological wastes
  •  Demolition or construction debris including sheetrock and  pressure treated wood
  •  Hazardous waste such as fertilizers, pesticides, oil based paint, explosives, solvents, or other chemical agents
  •  (Hazardous Waste Disposal Day is a free service held every year at the Transfer Station) Inert wastes such as bricks,        
  •   Concrete, asphalt, soil, porcelain fixtures, or rocks
  •  Junk vehicles or other bulky metal items including white goods (appliances)
  •  Leaves, pine needles, grass, or garden clippings (Compost these materials for free at the Transfer Station)
  •  Liquid waste, sludge, oils (including motor oil), or water treatment residues (bring oils to the Transfer Station)
  •  Mercury containing items such as fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, and thermostats (bring to Transfer Station)
  •  Tree or bush stumps, trunks, limbs, brush, or ashes

No more than seven 13-gallon bags (standard white kitchen sized garbage bags), or three 32-gallon bags (black leaf bags), or any combination of trash containers reaching a total of not more than 96 gallons of Acceptable Curbside Waste shall be picked up per week per household.  Anything over the bag limit will be left behind.  Each container of Acceptable Curbside Waste must weigh thirty-five pounds or less.  Uncovered garbage cans may be too heavy for pick-up if rained upon. Drilling holes in the bottom of your cans will help to drain the rainwater.  Acceptable Curbside Waste must be placed within six feet of the road no later than 6am on the day of scheduled pick up, but not before 6pm of the previous evening.  Garbage cans or bins will protect trash bags from crows and other scavenging animals.  It is the responsibility of residents to clean up any waste that escapes from their container(s). Small plastic shopping bags and animal feed bags are not considered enclosed containers.  Buxton does not have curbside recycling.  Recyclable materials left with your curbside trash will not be recycled.

Attention business owners and landlords:
Commercial Waste is defined as any waste from residential dwellings or trailer parks with more than three units, and any waste from a business or institution (including non-profits) that is not considered a home based business or occupation.  All such commercial properties shall be responsible for providing their own waste removal services.  A home based business or occupation is defined in section 11.10 of the zoning ordinance.  For the purposes of curbside waste removal services, home based businesses or occupations shall not be considered commercial.  Any building under construction or demolition, whether commercial, institutional, or residential, is considered commercial for curbside waste removal purposes.

Unacceptable curbside waste will be left behind by the garbage truck